Game of Thrones: Season 7E5: Eastwatch

This episode was packed and a LOT of setup. I think Drogon won this week’s Game of Thrones.

That was one great reveal of Rhaegar having his marriage annulled to Elia Martel which makes Jon a legitimate Targaryen (SEE: The Unknown).

Chock full of Best Lines

Ser Davos: ‘Nothing F&*Ks you harder than time’
Ser Davos: ‘It’s better to be a coward for a minute than dead the rest of your life’.
Tyrion: ‘Did you read it?’ Varys: ‘It’s a sealed scroll for the King in the North.’ Tyrion: ‘What’s it say?’
Tyrion: ‘Last time I was here I killed my father with crossbow.’
Ser Davos: ‘Last time I was here you killed my son with Wildfire.’
Tormund: ‘How many queens are there now?
Jon: ‘Two.’
Tormund: ‘And you need to convince the one with the dragons or the one who f&*ks her brother?’
Jon: ( chuckles )’Both.’

8 more episodes left & this diversion going to the Wall by Eastwatch to get a Wight doesn’t work for me. It’s definitely going to take us to the end of Season 7. Gilly’s Rhaegar annulment bomb seals L+R=J so Jon being a Targaryen *has* to be used at this point in Season 8 for something. I predict, Jon will survive the Wight quest, which means plot wise it’s functioning for me like a secondary character grinder. Who’s going to die over the next two episodes? Tormund, Ser Jorah, Beric, Thoros, The Hound or Gendry?

It would be far more entertaining for me to see Dany, Jon and Ed Sheeran (a captive Lannister troop convinced to go on a singing gig to Eastwatch) on Drogon’s back go over the wall near a White Walker. Jon knocks out Ed Sheeran; ties him up; kills him and he comes back as a Wight. They tie his bound undead body to one of Drogon’s legs; cut the rope dropping him into King’s Landing where he sings the song of the undead to Cersei before Jaime finishes him off in a single bottle episode.

Even if they do manage to get a Wight to King’s Landing; how lame would it be if Cersei didn’t suffer the biggest consequences of Hubris out of any character by believing there is an Army of the Undead and sends all available troops to aid Dany and Jon against the Army of the Undead?

Let’s face it. That wall is coming down and we are dying to see the expression on Cersei’s face when she’s confronted with the vast sprall of the Armies of the Wight Walkers lurching towards the gates of the Red Keep. I am hoping it plays out this way rather than everyone cooperates.


* Jaime and Bronn escape the clutches of capture; gasping for air on the shore of a river. Bronn says Jaime doesn’t get to die until he gets paid and is bailing once the Dragon’s attack King’s Landing.
Jaime makes it a point of going to tell Cersei about that the three Dragons.

* Tyrion walks through the devastation. A bunch of the Lannisters bend the knew to Dany. Randall and Dickon Tarly refuse; Tyrion tries to offer alternatives and Dany burns them to ash in front of their men who then bend the knee.

* Jaime talks to Cersei about the attack on the Loot train. She says they’ll just get mercenaries to replace the devastated armies. He reminds her that Dany has a Dothraki army and three dragons and she snaps back what does he expect her to do? She wants to use Tyrion to soften a deal since he killed their father. Jaime corrects her on Tyrion’s innocence and relays what Olenna told her about poisoning Joffrey and then she believes him. So they fight and die or submit and die and she knows her choice.

* Dany arrives at Dragonstone with Drogon who bonds profoundly and curiously with Jon (See: The Good). He has mixed emotions about her victories probably because that’s less men that can fight the real enemy to the North.

* Dany reunites with Ser Jorah. It’s clear that they love each other (as Queen and subject.)

* Bran wargs into Ravens and runs into the Night King and tells the Maester at Winterfell to send a raven to Jon and also the Citadel about the Undead marching on Eastwatch.

* At the Citadel around the Arch Maester’s table they discuss Bran and Sam overhears them and tells them he met him and that he must be believable if he survived for years North of the wall and was able to make it back to Winterfell. The Archmaester says that the message may also be a ploy by the Dragon Queen to lure troops to the North so it’s easier to conquer King’s Landing.

* Varys has a sealed message to Jon and isn’t happy. It’s about Arya and Bran being alive and how the White Walkers are approaching the Wall at East Watch.

* Jon tells Dany about Bran and Arya and he doesn’t look happy because of Bran’s vision and pleads to go home. He asks for her help and she claims Cersei will just take over (SEE: the Bad).

* Tyrion comes up with a couple of stupid ideas of first capturing a Wight to prove the Army of the Undead is real and wants to make the idea more plausible by talking to Jaime about it first (by brokering an armistice). Ser Jorah volunteers to go get at Wight and Jon agrees to go with him to get the Free Folk to help.

* Lords Glover makes a plea for Jon to be there and Lord Royce tells Sansa the Knights of the Vale came to serve her. Arya tells Sansa in close quarters to discipline them to keep them in line until Jon gets back and Sansa wants to be more diplomatic than that.

* Ser Davos smuggles Tyrion into King’s Landing to see Jaime. Bronn brings Jaime to the Dungeons of the Red Keep to set the scene. He tries to broker an Armistice between Cersei and Dany.

* Ser Davos finds Gendry! They try to escape and Gold Cloaks slow them down and Gendry kills them when they question Tyrion.

* Jaime talks to Cersei about the Armistice with Dany to prove there is an Army of the Undead marching on the Wall. She reveals that she is pregnant (SEE: The Unknown)

* Jon meets Gendry and they bond over their bastardry and fathers and they leave for EastWatch.

* Gilly reveals that Prince Rhaegar had the High Septon Maynard annull his marriage to Elia Martel to remarry someone else at the same time in Dorne (no doubt Lyanna). Sam steals books from the off limits section and flees the Citadel with Gilly and Little Sam; no doubt headed to Winterfell.

* Little Finger sets up Arya with the message that Sansa was forced to write and was sent to Winterfell. The note says Robert is dead, killed from wounds he took in a boar hunt. Father surprised Joffrey and tried to steal his throne and want Rob to swear fealty to Joffrey to spare his life and those of the Northerners.

* Jon reaches Eastwatch and talks with Tormund about capturing the Wight to convince both queens to help them battle the Army of the Undead. He shows Jon a cell that has the Hound, Beric Dondarian and Thoros of Myr. After some feather ruffling between everyone, they all agree to work together to capture a wight and they go through the Gate at East Watch and into the areas North of the Wall to find a Wight. Credits.


* Great Fourth Wall Fan feeding with the Ser Davos line to Gendry: ‘Thought you might still be rowing.’
* Gendry has a War Hammer like Robert!
* Rhaegar has his marriage to Elia Martel annulled! Does that mean Jon is a legitimate heir to the Iron Throne?

Most emotional scenes:

* Jon reaching out for Drogon. The EFX were great!
* Ser Jorah reuniting with Dany.
* Jon’s plea to Dany to go North.
* Jon with Gendry.

Bad: (Tyrion goes full on Jar Jar Binks here)

* I don’t follow Dany’s actions at not attacking Cersei or going to the Wall to help Jon.

1. What exactly would Cersei be ‘marching into’ if Dany goes to the Wall with her Army to defend the realm? Cersei already has King’s Landing, the Stormlands, the Reach, the Riverlands and the Iron Isles. I don’t follow Dany’s logic for not helping Jon. It’s kind of a flimsy reason. Casterly Rock has no value so the Unsullied should leave. Dragonstone (if taken over) could just be retaken; not a big deal.

2. Why not put an embargo on Cersei at King’s Landing? (Even Cersei was puzzled by Dany wanting an Armistice while she has inertia in the war.).

I suppose if Dany was under attack and Jon snuck out, then her reasoning to not go with Jon would make sense. However she just decimated the Lannister army; holds Casterly Rock and still has armies at Dorne (possibly still parts of the Reach as well.)

Jon’s passion for wanting to go North to help defend the realm works over the following two even flimsier plot points:

* Tyrion going all the way to Red Keep just to talk to Jaime about an armistice and paving the way for bringing a Wight as proof of the Army of the Undead to King’s Landing. That was too ‘Cray Cray’ for me. Wouldn’t a raven made more common sense? As nice and as improbable of a meeting would be between Jaime and Tyrion at this point, why sacrifice the story for a surprise moment like that? The scene lacked substance; even Jaime was wondering what Tyrion was there for.

* Even more Cray Cray was sending a small bunch of notable characters (including Jon) to capture a single Wight from an army of thousands of undead (including Wight Giants) led by the White Walkers. How is one Wight going to convince everyone that there’s an army out there and how the heck are they going to control it let alone get it to King’s Landing? I thought that idea was too second rate for this show. Even funnier is it’s Tyrion’s idea and Dany agrees to it after bashing him about verbally for his other great ideas.


* Is Cersei pregnant for real?

* Does Dany suspect Jon Snow has Targaryen blood due to Drogon?

* If Rhaegar had his marriage to Elia Martel annulled, did he marry Lyanna Stark? If so, then Jon is the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne!

* Why doesn’t Jon want to tell Dany about the stabbing?

* What is Little Finger’s Endgame?

* Does Little Finger know about Rhaegar having his marriage annulled already? I think he does. Once it is know that Jon is Lyanna’s baby with Rhaegar could Little Finger
potentially use that against the Starks?

* What happens when the Northerners learn Jon is a Targaryen?

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