Game of Thrones: Season 7E4: The Spoils of War

I thought overall they did a great job of editing this episode. It was shorter than normal, however I didn’t care about the length. The dialog was concise, acting was great and there’s a lot packed in here. I really liked the Dothraki/Lannister (Loot Train) battle scene. I give this a 85 out of 100. I have seen it 5 times already. I can watch this one over an over. Fantastic!

If I rate the battles that I like in GOT.

1. Loot Train Battle
2. Hardhomme
3. Battle of the Bastards
4. Attack on the Children of the Forest
5. Mance’s attack on Castle Black


* Bronn needles Jaime as to why he is so pissed off and guesses Lady Olenna said something to Jaime to put him in that state.

* Jaime and Bronn put the Tyrell gold into a carriage set to go from High garden to King’s landing. This is put at the beginning of logistics line loot train heading towards King’s landing.

* Bronn wants more spoils then he was provided and Jaime promises more once the war is over.
Bronn doubts Cersei’s reign will be peaceful enough to benefit more after she’s in power.

* Jaime wants the grain from the Reach collected and put into the logistic loot train line asap and asks the Tarly’s and Bronn to supervise taking care of that.

* The Ironbank is impressed with the by the speed of the payback of the loan by Cersei and they promise to bank roll the crown for further progress in the war once the gold gets to King’s Landing.

* Littlefinger gives the dagger to Bran (that was used to almost kill him in Season one) and Bran reveals that he knows some things Little Finger has said. (See: The Unknown.)

* Meera Reed says she is leaving for her home and is saddened when she realizes she is not saying goodbye to Bran but to the three eyed raven (See: The good).

* Arya makes her way to Winterfell. The guards don’t believe she is Arya Stark (a callback to her being stopped by the guards of the Red keep in the first season.

* There is a huge difference in how she handles herself since then showing me how much Arya has changed.) She gets past the guards and Sansa finds her in the crypts by their father’s crypt.

* Sansa learns of (and they laugh over) Arya’s kill list. They muse about how Jon will be ecstatic when he finally sees Arya when he comes back.

* Arya asks Sansa if she killed Joffrey and she says she wishes she did.

* Then there is reunion between Sansa, Arya and Bran under the family weirwood tree. Bran tells them both about Arya’s list and how Cersei is on it and of her decision to either go to Winterfell or King’s Landing. Bran gives Arya the dagger Little Finger gave him. Arya and Sansa exchange a glance acknowledging that Bran isn’t crazy and there’s something to his visions.

* Brienne and Pod watch the Stark children reunited; fulfilling Caitlyn’s wishes and Pod tells her she should be proud as Little Finger looks on.

* Dany and Missandei share a short girl talk about her time with Greyworm and Jon shows Dany the Dragonglass. He also shows her the many writings of the Children of the Forest; documenting their time with the First Men and the white walkers. He tells her they need to fight together and she says she will if bends the knee. He says if he does his men will not accept a Southern ruler and then they are doomed. She asks him if their survival is more important then his pride.

* Tyrion tells Dany Cersei took Casterly Rock and also that Lady Olenna is dead and Cersei has taken the food from the Reach. She lays into him that his plans have cost them the Iron Islands, Dorne and the Reach (and even infers that his plans may have favored his family more than Dany) and asks Jon Snow what she should do. He says that the people that follow her know she made impossible things happen and if she attacks King’s Landing with the Dragon that makes her no better than any other ruler.

*Brienne spars with Podrick. Arya shows up and shows off her dagger. Arya asks to train with her and this sets off what I thought was the best sparing of the series. (See: The Good.) Little Finger looks on with Sansa. Brienne is impressed and asks who taught her and she says cleverly ‘no one’.
Little Finger notices Arya has the dagger he gave Bran and he slowly smiles and backs away from his perch.

* Ser Davos knows Jon has a thing for Dany and Jon reminds Ser Davos of the Night King. They meet Missandei and she brings up the thing about Jon’s father and his bastard status and she points out in Nath they don’t have such things. Missandei reiterates that she serves Dany because chooses to; not because she is forced to.

* They see Yara’s ship in the distance and head to the shoreline and see Theon bringing in a rowboat with his men. Theon attempts to approach him with a greeting and Jon runs up and grabs him saying he’s lucky he saved Sansa or else he would kill him. Theon points out Euron has Yara and he was there to ask Dany to help get her back. Jon says she was gone.

* Randall Tarly points out the gold has made it through the gates of King’s Landing and Jaime points out that the spoils logistic line has to pickup the slack so the grain gets there asap.

* Bron laughs at Dickon’s name and also hears the rumble of horses galloping and then there are shouts of spears and shields and forming a line. They are hemmed in on one side by a small body of water.

* The Dothraki attack lead by Drogon tearing a hole in the line. Dany incinerates their supply line while Tyrion looks on. Jaime is saved by Dickon from a superior Dothraki Blood Rider attack. Bronn is taken off his horse by a blood rider and Bronn manages to use the large Ballista called Scorpion to get off a shot at Drogon.

*Drogon incinerates the ballista and Jaime charges Dany and Drogon. She sees him at the last minute and Drogon whips his head around and blasts fire at him. It appears Bronn pulls him off his mount at the last second and they go into the water fully armored and sink; unmoving. Credits.


*I loved especially in this episode how much it showed me how the Starks have changed. When they were children, Sansa talked about being a lady and now she is one and Arya talked about being a fighter and now she is one.

*The scene with Meera Reed really helped me see Bran’s transformation and that Bran did die in the cave (or a least a big part of him.)
*The scene with Arya and the guards shows how much she has grown (when you go back and compare it to her with the guards at King’s Landing in Season One.)

*Arya sparring with Brienne; fantastic! I thought it was well choreographed. The look on Little Finger’s face was priceless. Boy does he have to play nice now.

*Sansa’s interactions with Arya and Bran really show me how much she has become wise and unphased by life and I loved how she didn’t miss a beat after sharing a glance with Arya when Bran said Cersei was on her list and asked who else was on the list?. Their interactions definitely drew them closer together.

*George R.R Martin has hinted that the ending would be bitter sweet to Thrones. The way the Starks have all changed definitely shows this.

*Bronn’s struggle to get to the Ballista was a gripping couple of minutes. I don’t think I have ever seen this many folks on fire in a scene.

* I loved how they edited out dialog (like the conversation about Lady Olenna being defeated by Jaime.)

The Bad:

*I didn’t like Jon’s response to Dany about what to do. It really didn’t give her much direction and I thought this was a great opportunity to have him give her sound advice that would draw them both closer together and also propel her to action. As if the people of Westeros would stare in wonder at the Dragons (and then hope she makes other impossible things happen) and then agree to allow her to lead them? Really? This I thought could have been better dialog.

He has already stated he thinks the fight for the Iron Throne is pointless and he does need everyone’s help fighting the White Walkers, so I think the best thing he could do to persuade her to help him is to help her win the iron throne first (with sound advice, troops or whatever) so he could then use her and her troops up North. The quickest way to do that is to tell her to use her Dragon’s against Cersei’s troops (in all future battles), which Dany did anyway in this episode. Otherwise Jon has to try and persuade everyone south of the wall that the White Walkers are real and an imminent threat to their existence and how is he going to do that?

* How and when did Bronn learn to shoot the Ballista? Bronn seemed surprised when Jaime asked him to shoot it (since he was one handed) which implied to me he didn’t know what he was doing.

The Unknown:

*Does Bran know that Little Finger was the one that set off everything by convincing Lysa to poison Jon Arryn?

* Does Bran truly not know who the dagger belonged to? When Bran quotes Little Finger with ‘Chaos is a Ladder’, does Little Finger think that Bran is toying with him and that he does know who the dagger really belongs to?

* Are the symbols on the cave walls, spells that give the dragon glass its powers or are they just glyphs that document what it is to be used for and the history of what has happened?

*Is Randyll Tarly dead? I didn’t see him get roasted.

*Is (or was) Meera Reed in love Bran? Is that why she is morning his loss? (In his three eyed Raven transformation.)

* Is Jaime alive? Will he be Dany’s prisoner?

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