Game of Thrones: Season 7E3: The Queen’s Justice

I gave this one a 71 out of 100. I thought this episode was solid for the most part. There is one more example of twist over plausibility (SEE The bad.) Overall I liked the episode a lot; great sets; many well written and acted scenes.


Jon and Ser Davos land at Dragonstone greeted by Tyrion and Missandei and are asked to hand over their weapons. Ser Davis chats up Missandei.

Tyrion banters with Jon about coming south (I suppose they will swap stories later) and one of
the Dragons swoop down and scares them on the path to Dragonstone castle.

Varys questions Mel about not greeting Jon; she admits to some wrong doing that is causing her avoidance and departs for Volantis; vowing to be back in Westeros for her demise and tells Varys he will die there too.

Jon finally meets Dany and the situation quickly disintegrates. Once he is introduced to Dany as King of the North she calls him Lord; Ser Davos corrects her and she points out that Torrhen Stark was the last King of The North who bent the knee to her ancestor Aegon in exchange for his life and those of the lives of the Northmen and swore fealty in perpetuity to House Targaryen.

Jon points out that her father killed his grandfather and uncle. She admits her father was an evil man and apologizes for the crimes committed to Jon’s family, however she shouldn’t be judged on his deeds.

She asks him again to bend the knee and he refuses to do so and continue his ancestor’s vow.

Jon recognizes Dany is better than Cersei for not storming King’s Landing right away. He tries to turn her eyes to the Army of the Undead up in the North.

Dany ironically talks about how faith pushed her through her travails over the years since she was a child, however she seems to have very little in Jon and what he is saying is out there. Ser Davos passionately defends an unemotional Jon and mentions how he took a knife to his heart for his people (that seemed to get her attention.) Jon stops him as he starts elaborating on that. (Probably in fear that she won’t believe the story of his resurrection).

Tyrion again tries to get Jon to bend the knee since the Iron throne doesn’t matter to him, however he doesn’t comply.

Varys comes in and delivers news about the defeat of Yara and Ellaria at the hands of Euron. Dany offers up hospitality and Jon asks if he’s a prisoner and she says not yet.

Theon gets pulled onboard one of Yara’s remaining ships and the Ironborn reject him for his cowardice (like the Spartans in our own history would reject a soldier coming back from a battle after retreating and leaving his fellow troops to die.)

Euron parades Yara, Ellaria and Tyene through the streets of King’s Landing cheered by the crowd as they spit and throw things at the captors.

He brings them up to Cersei who proclaims him the greatest captain of the fourteen seas and again he asks for her hand in marriage and she says she will comply after they win the battle. Euron takes his place next to Jaime and asks what Cersei is like in bed since they will be brothers. Jaime is visibly upset by his comments.

Cersei goes to the dungeons under the Red Keep to pay Ellaria a visit and after an emotional exchange; poisons Tyene the same way Ellaria poisoned Myrcella and tells Ellaria she will be kept alive to suffer in the dungeons as long as possible.

The Iron Bank pays Cersei a visit and she makes a vow to pay the Crown’s debt in a fortnight.

Jon and Tyrion meet finally to brood to each other and Jon feels he is prisoner and asks Tyrion for Dragonglass. It appears Tyrion believes Jon about the Army of the Undead.

Tyrion goes to Dany with this. He tells here she doesn’t have to believe in the Army of the dead and encourages her to allow him to mine the Dragonglass because it will create a bond between her and Jon. She confesses to Jon that they should all be examining what they think and they know, (which sounds like she is open to working with Jon on the problem in the North.) Dany agrees to allow Jon to mine and forge weapons from Dragon Glass and gives him resources to do so.

Sansa executes a plan for storing grain and retrofitting armor with Leather for the coming Winter. Little Finger tries to counsel her and Bran arrives from the Wall. Sansa tries to talk to him and he tells her he knows everything about everyone (in pieces) because he’s ‘The Three Eyed Raven’ and he became that from the Three Eyed Raven. Sansa looks like she thinks he’s not well in the head; until he starts talking about her wedding and she gets spooked and walks off.

Arch Maester Ebrose examines Ser Jorah and finds him Grayscale free. Samwell says farewell to Ser Jorah who is headed to Dragonstone. Arch Maester Ebrose applauds him for curing Ser Jorah and gives him books to rewrite as punishment for doing the procedure and not being a Maester.

Dany wants to hop on one of her Dragons and go find and kill Euron, however her counsel tells her that’s a bad idea because that could take a long time and she could get shot with arrow (and so could the Dragons.)

Tyrion talks about the attack on Casterly Rock which narrates the Unsullied’s attack on it. Greyworm infiltrates the Rock only to find out that only a small amount of troops were defending it. Euron attacks the ships the Unsullied sailed in on with his fleet (See: the Unknown).

Jaime leads a bulk of the Lannister forces on Highgarden and defeats the Tyrells.

Lady Olena drinks the poison and then admits to Jaime that she was the one who killed Joffrey and told him to let Cersei know that.


* Wonderful backdrops and sets all throughout the show.
* Great use of ‘previously on Game of Thrones to foreshadow the irony of the poisoning of Tyene just like Myrcella.
* Nice callbacks to Season One: Tyrion with Jon; Bran with Sansa.
* Great scene of Mel’s last words to Varys. I am sure it will prove to be accurate.
* Strong meeting scene between Jon and Dany. Nice intensity and great dialog by everyone. I thought they were the best interchanges in the show. I laughed when Dany chastised Tyrion and then he stepped out of the way to allow Jon to pitch asking her support for the war against the Undead Armies in the North as his reason for being there. I loved Dany’s background lines to Jon and Ser Davos counter with Jon’s back story. I loved how she speaks about having faith in her destiny in being ruler of Westeros, however she can’t seem to see that part of her destiny lies with defending the North against a force she has no faith in believing exists. However, later on she admits she’s willing to understand what she doesn’t know, so there’s a foundation definitely she and Jon can build on.
* Euron’s bedroom banter to Jaime in the throne room was so awkwardly inappropriately funny. I couldn’t stop laughing; Jaime’s look was priceless.
* If I call back in my mind’s eye to Cersei’s talks with Oberyn and the Viper versus the Mountain battle, her lines to Ellaria carry a lot of mixed passion. Passion for Oberyn and Ellaria’s love for him (I think everyone was affected by Oberyn’s loss; what a character) and passion for revenge against Ellaria for the killing of innocent Myrcella.
You can tell that really affected Cersei and how she really wanted Ellaria to feel what she had been feeling by poisoning Tyene the exact same way and watching her die powerless to do anything about it. Then having to live out her days in the dungeons of the Red Keep. Cersei’s character in this scene finally shows a lot of dimension in her inner feelings and what she’s been experiencing. This was the most emotional performance I thought in the entire show.
* Cersei’s scenes with the Iron Bank were quite Tywin like; calculating and she stalled well and read the Iron Bank’s losses due to the Slave trade faltering due to Dany well.
* Tyrion’s mutual brooding scene with Jon I thought was a wonderful statement on people accepting something larger then themselves affecting them negatively. They are more comfortable accepting that they have to over throw a despotic queen rather than an undead army of thousands.
* I love how they left it open for Jon not knowing he has Dany’s support against the White Walkers.
* Sansa’s command scenes were great.
* Samwell’s handshake of trust with Ser Jorah was wonderful.
* Once again Diana Rigg doesn’t disappoint. Her final words cut through the last scene with such intensity and leveled Jaime nicely.

* I thought the weakest scene was Sansa with Bran under the Weirwood. Bran was trying too hard to act omniscient instead of being omniscient. He did admit he was only seeing things in pieces so that did bring some measure of normalcy; to see how he’s still struggling with what he is to become and who he still is. Instead, it felt like he became a bit pretentious to me as he progressed South of the Wall. I think Bran could have done a better job of explaining to Sansa how he became the three eyed Raven and not leaving her with a riddle and making him look like he’s crazy. This seemed a bit tropic for me. He could have just told her there was a three eyed raven before him that taught him everything he knows before he passed on and left it at that. That should have sufficed. If they just show him spending his days warging into the Winterfell Weirwood in silence after this exchange, he won’t look unlike someone who is crazy going off in some wild mental trip away from reality.

* I thought Euron’s fleet being right there to destroy the Unsullied ships wasn’t explained well. I suppose after Euron had the 1000 ships build, he build more ships and left someone in charge at the Iron Isles, then sent a Raven to the Iron Isles sending ships to Casterly Rock to protect it from attackers. That really is the only thing that explains the Ironborn being there so suddenly. It is pretty close to Casterly Rock. If Euron’s ships came from his fleet near King’s Landing then I have a big problem with the attack scene of the Unsullied ships. It’s a bit difficult to believe they could get from East Westeros to West Westeros coasts so quickly.

*Dany’s whole show of force at the end of Season 6 was that she not only had this combined fleet; she had Dragons. Why didn’t any of her attacks involve her also attacking with her on one of her Dragons? Surely that would have won the battles against Euron with Yara and also with the fleet that was with Unsullied. Right?


* Will Mel’s words about Varys fate proof accurate? I think so.
* Is the rest of Theon’s days to be spent being known as a coward to his people and just torturing himself for his inaction to save Yara?
* Euron only gave Ellaria and Tyene to Cersei. Is Yara his prisoner?
* Does Tyrion believe Jon took a knife to his heart?
* Why can’t the three eyed raven be the Lord of Winterfell?
* Does Ser Ebrose see Sam as an asset to the Citadel or is he in fear of Sam’s abilities?
* Did Euron have ships at the Iron Isles to really pull off reaching the Unsullied ships off the coast of Casterly Rock? It’s not clear though. If the ships Euron used were part of his thousand that attacked Yara, I find it hard to believe they would have been able to reach Casterly Rock in time to intercept Dany’s ships.
* I had problems sorting out Jamie’s logistical planning with clearing out Casterly Rock and laying siege to Highgarden. How did he pull that off? I suppose he has a Captain of the Guard at Casterly Rock he Ravened from King’s Landing (while there when Euron was making his offering) which he instructed to: 1. Leave a small force at Casterly Rock; 2. clear the larders and occupants of the castle and 3. mobilize their forces and make camp near Highgarden and he just traveled and met up with them. I think that should have been explained a bit better.

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