Game of Thrones: Season 6: Episode 9: Battle of the Bastards

Superb episode! 96 out of 100.

The Good:

• The Battle of Meereen with the Slave Masters had a lot of punch in 15 minutes. I loved the scenes with the Dragons making an example of some of the boats and the quick verbal reversal of the situation.

• Miguel Sapochnik did an absolutely amazing job with directing this episode. It went beyond watching a movie. There was a fantastic use of POV in the war. I felt like I was there totally immersed in medieval battle; especially as a foot soldier on the ground although we got commander perspective and overhead views as well. I could feel the body pile smothering; trampling; crowding, skewering; especially from Jon’s perspective. The shuddering of his breath as he was being trampled and body pile induced by his own desperate bloodied men. You could feel the violent smashing of horses and clashing of swords on armor as the lines hit each other and gore of medieval/ Ancient Greek warfare. The action was fast, fierce and relentless at every turn.

• The whole strategy the Bolton’s applied to the Starks was surprising and riveting. Jon bought the bait with Rickon which put a dent in his plans. The longbow men creating a body pile wall and then the surrounding of the Starks by the Bolton Phalanx closing in with pikes ratched up the tension nicely. Nice irony that Jon spoke about surrounding the Bolton’s on three sides when they were the ones being surrounded by the same move due to Jon’s impulsiveness.

• I loved the use of the battle to better define the characterization of Sansa, Jon and Ramsay. Sansa warned Jon that Ramsay would play him like a fiddle if you let him and to try and do the opposite of what you are feeling or where you think your actions should be going. She displayed how to read Ramsay (or enemies) better in battle than Jon. Jon is highly reactive and impulsive, however he’s a fierce fighter with a load of stamina. I can see why Sansa didn’t want to tell Jon about the troops from the Vale; until they were there. If the Vale Troops were there ahead of time the battle may have still turned out in Ramsay’s favor; due to the way Jon impulsively played into Ramsay’s trap with Rickon. Ramsay proved to be a much more dangerous strategist then Jon may have anticipated. Jon bought his bait and Ramsay used the same move Jon was going to use on him with surrounding him on three sides. (Jon never got to use his trenches.)

• I honestly felt relief when the troops of the Vale showed up so they did a great job of making me feel like the Stark’s situation was dire.

• Tyrion and Theon reunion was interesting. Theon appears to becoming back a little from Reek.

• The ladies of Game of Thrones are ruling better than the men. Ellaria in Dorne, Dany in Meereen, Sansa in The North and now possibly Yara in the Iron Isles. I love how Yara put herself up for Marriage with Dany as a possibility to match Euron’s offer.

• One slight smile on Sansa’s face as she was leaving Ramsay being mauled by his own hounds…Priceless!

The Bad:

• Sansa took off before Ramsay told Jon he was going to feed them all to his dogs which hadn’t eaten in seven days. So how did she know about his dogs? The only think I could think of is that it was Jon’s idea to feed Ramsay to his dogs because that’s where he put Ramsay which Sansa asked him ‘Where is he?’

• Mel and Jon’s pep talk was weak on dialog ‘Don’t lose’. ‘Maybe he brought you here to die again’. I guess in spite of her ability to resurrect Jon she is still rattled by her experiences with Stannis on the battlefield.

The Unknown:

• I honestly thought Varys was going to seek out Yara, so where is he off to in Westeros? My money is on Dorne. The person that makes the most sense would be Ellaria Sands. I don’t see Varys going to King’s Landing.

• Why didn’t Jon want Mel to resurrect Rickon? Is he is too bad of shape? Is it because he isn’t of royal blood?  No one in the show recommended that Rickon be resurrected. That’s something I am pointing out right now. Mel has the power to resurrect folks. So why not have Jon or Sansa resurrect Rickon? I am only pointing out that maybe his body is too far dead or damaged from the battle to be worth doing that. They could have also resurrected Wun Wun. Then again, like I mentioned maybe Mel can only resurrect those she sees in her prophesies and if they are of Royal Blood and perhaps Rickon doesn’t have Royal Blood.

• Speaking of Mel, how long is she for this world? I bet Ser Davos will try to kill her.

• Where was Ghost during the Battle of Bastards? It would have been really cool of Ghost was let loose on Ramsay, however it was fitting to see Ramsay mauled and devoured by his own dogs.

• Will Yara keep her promise to not reave to Dany? What will the Iron born do if they cannot reave? I suppose they could be fisherman and shipbuilders for Westeros.

• What will Dany do if Euron approaches her? Will she wait for him? I suppose she could just take his ships with her Dragons.

• We hear again about the caches of Wildfire in King’s Landing (this time from Tyrion) so no doubt Cersei was told about these too by Jaime. Who will set those off in King’s Landing? Will it be Dany or Cersei?

• How did Dany get all three Dragons to coordinate an attack on the Slavers? Did they just follow Drogon’s lead? Is it telepathy?

• Will the North get behind the Sansa and the Starks? Who is left to bend the knee?

• What will Sansa do if she finds out Little Finger is to be appointed Ward of the North once he helps defeat the Boltons? Will he try to turn Sansa over to Tommen (if she stays at Winterfell and Jon heads back up North or leaves for another place)?

I am really curious what you guys think of Little Finger’s plans. Cersei told him she would make him Warden of the North if he defeated the Boltons.

Is he going to hand Sansa over to her on a Silver Platter or will the whole situation take care of itself because Cersei is going to burn down King’s Landing due to her Trial results?

I think Lady Sansa Stark of Winterfell wins this week’s Game of Thrones.


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