Game of Thrones: Season 6: Episode 8: No One

Overall I gave this episode a 62 out of a 100.

I thought the show was very uneven with the treatment of certain storylines and characters.

Best Line: ‘I killed you once before, Dondarrion. Happy to do it again.’

The Good:

  • Ha! Tyrion did a callback to his story about the Honeycomb and the Ass (he unleashed at the Vale to Lysa Arryn.) Loved it! In a past ‘A Pod of Casts’ Season 4 review I mentioned it would be funny if Tyrion ended up in Dorn running his own Vineyard and it appears that’s exactly what’s on his mind!
  • Edmure in front of Riverrun held by knife point; yielded no surrender. Edmure free of his own accord as Lord of Riverrun (with the threat of a catapulted son forced into his mind); requesting entry to his castle; yielded surrender. If anything, this shows how Jaime has the shrewdness of his father Tywin and determination to get back to Cersei asap.
  • Lovely intersections of desperation at Riverrun for Blackfish, the Freys, Brienne, Jaime and Edmure.
  • Jaime’s talk with Brienne was wonderful at showing their love and loyalty to the folks on their sides and themselves. Why do I get the impression that one of them will end up killing the other or that it may be the last time either of them see each other?
  • Lady Brienne’s attempts at persuading the Blackfish were powerfully honest and to the point.
  • Cersei has lost her ability to use Trial by Combat (See the Unknown.)
  • The Hound pulling the boots of the yellow cloak’s legs as he was being hung was cold blooded, dark and humorous.
  • Arya’s action scenes were exciting (very Terminator 2 like with the actions and looks of the Waif). (See the Bad).


The Bad:

  • Good action and suspense for me demands some type of plausibility of the performers being able to carry it out in order for me to remain focused on it. I can buy that Arya has had extensive training and she has become a great fighter.  However, what I have seen the past two episodes with Arya were beyond what I believed she was capable of enduring and performing; especially in the damaged state the waif left her in the prior episode.  This distracted me from the goal the writers were trying to achieve with her.  Sorry folks.  If she didn’t have the wounds I would have totally bought it.  The showrunners felt it was more important to shock us with her fierce stabbing last episode and now they have to make that work with this heavy action sequence and it just doesn’t work for me.
  • Blackfish’s off screen death was just weak sauce.
  • Mace Tyrell was in the medium shots among the small council surrounding Tommen when he made the announcement about Cersei’s Trial. I still don’t understand why his mother is a target of the High Sparrow yet he isn’t.  Is it because he is Master of Coin?


The Unknown:

  • Why did the High Sparrow renege on his promise for Cersei to be able to stay in the Red Keep until her Trial?
  • Where is Arya off to in Westeros? Where did she get all that money to give the Westerosi sailors? Was that the money that Bianca gave her in order to murder Lady Crane?
  • Is Varys going to seek out Yara in Volantis to bargain for ships? Or is he actually going to Westeros?
  • What does Cersei have up her sleeve now that Trial by Combat has been eliminated as a trial method for her? Does Tommen know who his real father is?  If he doesn’t is that a way for Cersei to stop the Trial or punishment after trial? Is Tommen smart enough to know that would be a threat to his legitimacy as a King and also the Faith Militant? (His decree through Cersei is what created them.)
  • If the Slavers are boat bound with their attacks on Meereen, how will the Dothraki Calvary ride in and save the day? It has to be the Dragons that lead the charge.  Who will end up riding all three besides Dany?
  • With the changes at King’s Landing, will the Iron Bank of Bravos call in to collect on the debts owed to them? Money has to be a problem for the realm now that Brothels have been destroyed in King’s Landing. Does King’s Landing owe the Tyrells money as well as the Lannisters and the Iron Bank? Perhaps that’s why Mace is still in the Small Council?
  • Do any of you think it is possible for the Tyrells to end up fighting on the Stark’s side?
  • What was the old rumor Cersei told Kyburn about that he had his birds investigate? Could it be something on the High Sparrow? Could it be the Wildfire we saw in Bran’s visions?


I think Jaime Lannister wins this week’s Game of Thrones.


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