Game of Thrones: Season 6: Episode 7: The Broken Man

Overall I gave this episode a 70 out of a 100. Not the strongest of episodes. I felt there was a lot of setup, however some great reveals.

The Good:

• I loved the cold opening revealing the Hound is back! Ian McShane did a great job as Ray the Septon, however I felt there was a bit of bad with his part of this episode (the Bad.)

• It’s hysterical how Tommen is using the High Sparrow to get sex from Queen Margaery. She seemed a bit uneasy perhaps with the thought of being pregnant with one of Tommen’s heirs.

• Cersei is in big trouble and Tywin’s lines to her from past seasons about her thinking she is a lot smarter than she actually is keeps ringing in my head. I found the scenes between her and the Queen of Thorns humorously tragic for her. Lady Olenna gave her both barrels.

• I love how Queen Margaery’s loyalty message to the Queen of Thorns was half out loud and half in writing to get out of there as fast as possible. No doubt she has a plan and she doesn’t want her grandmother to die in King’s Landing.

• Lyanna Mormont was fantastically precociously cagey. I love those scenes when she pledged 62 men.

The Bad:

• We got basically a bottle episode for Ian McShane’s character and his flock, which includes the Hound.

• It was good back story for the Hound and showed how the inner conflict between his new found faith is clashing with all he knows from his past. However, I thought killing off the flock so soon gave his choice to go back to his old life less emotional in pack then I thought I should have felt inside of him. They could have very easily had the Hound talk to a character about what happened to him and we would have gotten the same impact. The story itself of a killer being reformed and then returning back to his old ways due to violent outsiders has been told in so many tv shows and movies; so many times that it’s become a story framework trope. The most recent one I can remember is the movie John Wick.

• If Lady Olenna is being charged with going up against the King and the Faith Militant why is it that Mace Tyrell wasn’t charged as well? He led the forces to get back Queen Margaery. I think something else is going on here. Does the Sparrow know she’s behind Joffrey’s death? What do you think?

• I thought Yara and Theon’s scenes were more sexposition than toughening of Theon’s resolve.

The Unknown:

• Who is Lady Olenna writing to? Why do I feel like she’s writing Baelish?

• Who is Lady Sansa ravening a message to? I bet it’s Little Finger to get the assistance from the troops at the Vale.

• Is Arya having a bad dream or is she is danger of dying from the Waif’s wounds? Who is in Braavos who could help her? I tend to think this is all a dream because we last saw her in a darkened room blowing out a light; holding needle; waiting for the Waif to come after her.

• No doubt the Hound is out for revenge. What’s his move after that? No doubt he will look for those men who approached the camp earlier. Abe and Roberto do you see him battling the Mountain in Cersei’s Trial by Combat?

• Why didn’t Jon and Sansa use Ser Davos and the White Walker threat to convince the other Northern houses to join them?

• If Ser Jaime meets Lady Brienne next episode will she tell him she found Sansa? If so will he use that to be able to talk to Black Fish again and get him to give up Riverrun?

• Does Yara have 1,000 ships to help Dany?


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