Would Bran side with the Lannisters or the Targaryens?


What’s interesting is there is a lot more anti Lannister leaning then Targaryen, however we have yet to have anything solid as far as Pro Targaryen. There is more Pro Lannister facts available to us.

Pro Lannister Facts:

•   Tyrion was gentle with Sansa.
•   Jaime sent Brienne to Protect Sansa.
•   Bran’s crippling may have caused his Green sight and rise to the Three Eyed Raven.

Anti-Lannister Facts:

•   Jaime is responsible for nearly killing Bran and crippling him.
•   Joffrey was responsible for murdering the Butcher Boy and Lady.
•   Joffrey was responsible for Ned losing his head.
•   Joffrey was responsible for Catelyn getting her throat cut.
•   Joffrey was responsible for Rob’s and Talisa’s murders.
•   Cersei put a bounty on Sansa’s head.

Pro Targaryen Facts:

•   Theory: Leanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen had Jon Stark as a child.
•   Theory: Tyrion might be a Targaryen.
•   Theory: Dany is related to Jon Snow.

Anti-Targaryen Facts:

•   Aerys had Rickard and Bran Stark executed in front of him and his court.
•   Rhaegar kidnapped Leanna Stark.

What will happen if Jaime runs into Brienne at Riverrun and he finds out she is there to enlist Blackfish and his troops into the army Jon and Sansa are building to overtake Winterfell?
What happens if Cersei and Jaime find out the Tyrells are behind Joffrey’s death?
What do you think?

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