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Would Bran side with the Lannisters or the Targaryens?


What’s interesting is there is a lot more anti Lannister leaning then Targaryen, however we have yet to have anything solid as far as Pro Targaryen. There is more Pro Lannister facts available to us.

Pro Lannister Facts:

•   Tyrion was gentle with Sansa.
•   Jaime sent Brienne to Protect Sansa.
•   Bran’s crippling may have caused his Green sight and rise to the Three Eyed Raven.

Anti-Lannister Facts:

•   Jaime is responsible for nearly killing Bran and crippling him.
•   Joffrey was responsible for murdering the Butcher Boy and Lady.
•   Joffrey was responsible for Ned losing his head.
•   Joffrey was responsible for Catelyn getting her throat cut.
•   Joffrey was responsible for Rob’s and Talisa’s murders.
•   Cersei put a bounty on Sansa’s head.

Pro Targaryen Facts:

•   Theory: Leanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen had Jon Stark as a child.
•   Theory: Tyrion might be a Targaryen.
•   Theory: Dany is related to Jon Snow.

Anti-Targaryen Facts:

•   Aerys had Rickard and Bran Stark executed in front of him and his court.
•   Rhaegar kidnapped Leanna Stark.

What will happen if Jaime runs into Brienne at Riverrun and he finds out she is there to enlist Blackfish and his troops into the army Jon and Sansa are building to overtake Winterfell?
What happens if Cersei and Jaime find out the Tyrells are behind Joffrey’s death?
What do you think?

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Game of Thrones: Season 6: Episode 6: Blood of my Blood

Overall I gave this 4 out of 5 stars.

The Good:

  • Aerys mad king flashbacks! If those are coming they are going to be difficult to watch. It looks like there was a white walker giant with a special weapon in one of the flashbacks that was as high as the front entrance to a building in back of it. It could have been the perspective of the shot. It was very quick short footage and hard to tell.


  • I felt a great bonding moment between Sam and Gilly. What he has told her about his background is confirmed by their mutual experience going back to his homeland. He helped her when Craster treated her like dirt and then she stood up for him in front of his father at Horn Hill. The falling apart of his plans with Gilly made him look accidently passive aggressively defiant in his dealings with his father when he found out Gilly was a Wildling and little Sam was a bastard Tarly. Nicely done. Samwell taking off with Gilly and Little Sam makes sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if he seeks out Jon now.


  • What Dan and Dave are calling in the about episode ‘Cold Hands Benjen’. I wasn’t expecting this, however I was expecting the Wights to be relentless and not stop at the back door of the great Weirwood tree. Wow! I have been wondering what happened to him since Season One. It appears he’s alive due to the magic of the children (which brings up questions: see the unknown.)
  • I loved the blood of my blood nods with Benjen and Bran; Dany and the Dothraki; Samwell and Little Sam; and the Tarlys and Little Sam.


  • It appears Little Finger is telling the truth (See the bad).


  • Arya is in a bad position and I loved her decision. It ratchets up my concern for her.   I honestly thought she was going to kill Lady Crane. Now she has Needle she must be either going back to her old ways with her list or going freelance. (See the unknown)


  • Dany on Drogon and her speech to the Dothraki were remarkable, however I couldn’t help feeling that these things were inevitable to the story and expected this to occur at some point like the battle of the White Walkers versus all of Westeros. It’s a story cadence point.


  • The Holy alliance between the Crown and the Faith was to be expected. It reminded me of the Roman Empire embracing Christianity. Tommen’s answering to the Gods cements the inevitable that Cersei and Jaime will have to go against their own son. If he is outed as an illegitimate king that would have a pretty devastating effect on the reputation to the Faith Militant. They would have to execute him and put a legitimate replacement on the throne. Who would that be?


The Bad:

  • I thought the weakest plot line was the Frey’s losing Riverrun to Blackfish. All we got for an explanation was dialog mirroring what I was thinking in my head the moment I saw Walder Frey. How the heck did they let that happen if the occupants at Riverrun can hold out against a siege for a year?


  • I would have thought Arya would have dropped dead after not killing Lady Crane because she drank the poisoned water to get her sight back claiming she was no one. This makes me question the process we have been shown about becoming a Faceless person. It’s vague again.


The Unknown:

  • Obviously Sam can’t go to the Citadel now (especially wielding Heartsbane). His father will go looking for him there. Where are they going to go now? Will he seek out Jon and Sansa? Could he end up being Maester of Winterfell (in the long run)?


  • Is Benjen still Benjen now or is he something else? What kind of powers does Benjen possess? He could see the origin of the white walkers. Can he see other visions as well? Does he have a special connection with the Three Eyed Raven and now Bran? Will he stick with Bran from here on out? Will Benjen take them south of the wall? He does mention Bran will be there to confront the Night’s King when he enters the realms of man waiting for him. Can Benjen go south of the wall or does the Children’s magic stop at the Wall? Can he help Bran control his powers?


  • How did Blackfish take Riverrun? Especially if it could be held for a year under siege.


  • Is Jaime now the Lord of Casterly Rock or is that still Ser Kevan? Would Ser Kevan support Tommen over Jaime and Cersei? That’s an odd position to be in.


  • If Arya kills the waif will the Faceless men continuously hunt her down? Will she go back to Westeros? What’s the extent of her powers? Can she wear faces or just pretend to be other people?


  • Is Cersei proposing to Jaime to take King’s Landing against Tommen to eliminate the High Sparrow? If that’s the case, then Roberto’s theory about Cersei being the one that kills her last surviving child might be what fulfills the witch’s golden shroud prophesy.


  • Is Margaery just playing Tommen and the High Sparrow to save herself or is she truly converted? I had a hard time telling if she was being true to Tommen about how the High Sparrow helping her or if she was just persuading Tommen to join in a union with him. Is the key to turning Tommen back to Cersei and Jaime through Margaery?


  • What will happen to Ser Loras? How will he atone for his sins?


  • What’s the consequence to Walder Frey’s sons if they cannot bring down Blackfish? What are his plans with Edmure if Blackfish doesn’t give up Riverrun?


  • What are Cersei, The lady of Thornes and Mace Tyrell’s plans?

Game Of Thrones: S6E5: (Hold) The Door

It should have been called (Hold) The Door


I gave this a 90 out of 100. A lot of solid stuff. Most of the Storylines were strong for me. I loved the makeup for the Children, White Walkers and the Wights. Bran’s scenes in the North with the Night King and his minions were scary, thrilling, and tragically dark. There seems to be a few themes floating around this episode:

• Terrible things happen for a reason. (Varys, Hodor, Sansa, Jon, Theon)

• Everyone is what they are and where they are for a reason. (Varys, Hodor, Sansa, Jon, Theon)

• Knowledge is power. (Euron over Yara, Little Finger over Sansa, Kinvara over Varys, Bran)

Hodor’s end was beautifully tragic but confusing. Here’s my Theories about Hodor and Fate and Green Sight:

Poor Summer Bran’s Dire wolf! Absolutely horrible. That leaves only Ghost and Nymeria alive.

Jon and Sansa’s plan sounds like it’s going to take a while to get up enough troops to be able to get the Battle for Winterfell to occur. They need the Glovers, Mormonts, Cerwyns, Mazins, Hornwoods and they said a dozen others. It looks like Brienne and Podrick are bound for the Riverlands to try and get Blackfish to join up with their troops.

Best Lines: ‘The time has come…The time for what? For you to become me…But am I ready? No.’ and of course ‘Hold the Door’.

The Good:

• Ah yes love! Tormund’s mugs at Brienne were hysterical:

• The origins of the Night’s King were painfully tragic driving home the point to me that two wrongs can create utter pure evil that will eventually destroy you. In this case, the First Men’s treatment of the Children and the Children’s creation of the Night’s King through that horrible sacrificial ceremony to create the White Walkers to obliterate man and ultimate their own selves.

• Hodor’s beginning and end summed up in the final minutes of montage was tragic and sad. The violence against him counters his life cycle of obedience and loyalty. How ironic the utterance of his name so many times in so many seasons ends up being a constant reminder of his duty and loyalty to protecting Bran?

• I was cheering as Sansa put Little Finger in his place. (‘Did you know about Ramsay? If you didn’t know, you’re an idiot. If you did know, you’re my enemy…I don’t believe you anymore. I don’t need you anymore.’) Why didn’t she have Brienne kill him??? Sansa! What are you doing?? I was screaming at the TV. I love how he underestimated her. Then again, she believes his wild comment about Black Fish rallying up Tully troops and retaken Riverrun, so he still has some type of hold on her. I really hope she isn’t making a tragic mistake. Come on Sansa!!

• I actually did well up when Jorah confessed his love for Dany and revealed his greyscale. I hope he finds a cure soon. It looks like it’s going up his arm now.

• The theatre scenes at Sheelba Square were a wonderful whiff of what I am envisioning as medieval farce.

• The Kingsmoot scenes were emotional, however I wasn’t convinced with Euron’s reasons over Yara’s. (See the Bad).

• Kinvara is trying to bring *obedience* to the free folks at Meereen by having them worship Dany otherwise nonbelievers get roasted by dragon fire. It doesn’t sound particularly appealing to Tyrion and Varys is convinced of her power using her knowledge of his own experiences against him. I don’t believe forcing conquered peoples to worship one person is any different than being slaves to hundreds of slave owners. Either way, isn’t it subjugation of the masses? If anything, it appears being a slave owner and conqueror go hand in hand right? Is there a hidden message about democracy by a governing body being the only way to truly escape slavery?

The Bad:

• They should have had montages of the Children being savagely killed by the First Men. I think that would have given the creation of the Night’s King scene more impact and the dialog more impact. Bran’s emotional reaction to the Child present who created the Night King helped to a degree and her response did too, however I needed more.

• Euron’s knowledge of Dany and the world wasn’t enough to convince me it was a good idea for him to lead the Iron Born. Does he honestly believe a conquering Queen with Dragons is going to be seduced by a man who grabs his crotch and has a bunch of sea vessels? She’ll just take what she needs from them. It certainly would be convenient way to get Dany over to Westeros and she has her own sailors she can use (if the Iron born soldiers were to meet their end.)


• Origins of the Faceless Men. It was revealed that the Faceless men and Braavos were created from former slaves in the mines of Valyria. I nearly forgot about this reveal in the episode. I suppose it would have more impact of message with more visuals. Why didn’t they show us a closeup of the faces of the first faceless men? I would have loved a montage of the first faceless men from the past or at least some footage of how they learn the magic to become faceless men. Only a minor annoyance though.


• Did Bran feel some sort of empathy for the Night’s King? I hope he didn’t and doesn’t now. The being is pure evil.

• Little Finger knows he needs the Stark name to secure the North for himself. What’s his move now? Sansa’s not going to believe anything he does. He has to have another angle with another Stark or perhaps he will side with Ramsay?

• Does Quaith hold the key to curing Ser Jorah’s greyscale?

• Will Arya follow through and poison Lady Crane?

• When the Sorcerer tossed Varys parts into the fire, who was the one that spoke in the flames? What did it say?

• Was the Three Eyed Raven able to give Bran *everything* before he was executed by the Night’s King?

• Rob took Lord Karstark’s head. Does Sansa really think they will turn sides to the Starks?

• Why did Sansa lie to Jon about the information about Blackfish? She doesn’t trust Baelish and she should be letting Jon know about that right?

• Did Blackfish actually retake Riverrun or is that a trap set for Sansa by Little Finger? What happened to the Freys? What will happen to Brienne and Podrick if it is a trap?

• Kinvara says ‘Daenerys Stormborn is the one who was promised.’ Mel believes Jon is the one that was promised and as Varys pointed out before that it was Stannis and she was wrong about that. Which one of them is it; Jon or Dany? Which priestess is right; Mel or Kinvara? What if both of them are right? What if both of them are wrong and the chosen promise is a lie?

• Dany wanted to ‘break the wheel’ in Westeros which leads me to believe that she either wants to break the class system that leads to the Game of Thrones. What’s unclear is if that is achieved by everyone being equal (classless) serving one ruler or could it mean by everyone being represented by a ruling democracy with no class system. How close is Dany’s wishes to what Kinvara is suggesting or how she looks at things

• Are the Children of the Forest all dead now?

• If all the Children are extinct does that have an affect on the magic of the Wall?

• Can the Night’s King use Bran to get over the Wall now? Is his mark on Bran like a GPS tracking marker that the Army of the Undead can follow? So if Bran and Meera go South of the Wall through the secret passage will the Night’s King simply follow with his minions in the rest of Westeros?

I think that Hodor wins this weeks Game of Thrones.

Feedback on Game of Thrones: Book of the Stranger: Podcast for Season 6, Episode 4

I gave this episode a 78 out of a 100.

There was a lot going on here. The female characters dominate in this episode. There were some things for me that were weak or just events spinning in place waiting to set off other events (that I note in the bad.)

Best Line Daario to Ser Jorah: ‘If I win, I’m the sh*t who killed an old man. If I lose, I’m the sh*t who was killed by an old man.’

The Good:

• Strong leadership scenes from Sansa, Dany, Yara, Cersei, Margaery and Olenna.

• I loved the scenes at the Dinner table at Castle Black when Ramsay’s letter arrives. Sansa is showing the shrewdness of Baelish by noting Roose is dead because Ramsay addresses himself as Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North whilst providing passionate sisterly motivation to reluctant leader Jon Snow to rally troops and rescue Rickon and preventing them from being victims of the Boltons. I love her lines “I want you to help me …but I’ll do it myself if I have to.”

• Margaery is shrewd enough to see the High Sparrow is trying to manipulate her with his homily and tries to convey this to Ser Loras whilst trying to give him the strength to carry on. (There’s some parallels here with Sansa trying to get Jon to man up and Cersei trying to get Ser Kevan to help get back his son Lancel.) His weakness puts their House future in jeopardy as well create a dilemma where she may have to throw him under the bus to get herself out of prison.

• Brienne’s talk with Ser Davos and the Red Priestess about not forgetting about what they did to Renly and the fact they worked for Stannis.

• Dany using her immunity to fire to take the lives of the Khals at Vaes Dothrak.

• The *Wonder Twin Powers* of Cersei and Jaime activate to form the shape of Tywin Diplomacy with Lady Olenna and Kevan Lannister and formulating a plan to rescue Margaery, Loras and Lancel.

• Yara not forgiving Theon for the loss of the men and near loss of her life trying to save him from Ramsay and then Theon begging for forgiveness and tells her he’s there to make sure she rules the Salt Throne. Yara will definitely be a force to contend with at the Kingsmoot.

• Baelish squaring off with Yohn Royce and quickly reversing the implication that Baelish married off Sansa to the Boltons with the Boltons abducting her with only Lord Royce knowing where Baelish was going. Then getting Royce’s support for joining forces with Jon Snow to attack Winterfell.

• Jon Snow reuniting with Sansa (That’s the first time they have been reuniting with each other I believe since Season 1.)

The Bad:

• They really don’t seem to know what to do with Ser Davos (or the Red Priestess). He could have helped out with guidance for the Starks at that dinner table. It’s pretty clear from Brienne’s talk with Ser Davos that they are not a part of a trusted inner circle.

• Osha’s death was a throwaway. What was the point of it? We know Ramsay is evil. If anything he should have killed her back when she was unveiled to terrify Rickon (which is something Ramsay would have loved to see right?)

• Tyrion’s diplomacy with the Slavers of Astapor, Yankai and Volantis or ex-slaves of Meereen didn’t really seem to accomplish anything for me. The net effect is stalling until Dany gets back. The Slavers have seven years to stop slaving and didn’t own up to funding the Sons of the Harpy. The ex-slaves are just growing in their distrust of leadership at Meereen. This lead me to ask myself the question, what if the Slavers didn’t fund the Sons of the Harpy? What if Vala was lying to Varys all along? What if the real funding source of the Sons of the Harpy was someone in Meereen?

The Unknown:

• Will Margaery have to repent herself of Ser Loras altogether?

• Will Daario keep quiet about Ser Jorah’s greyscale?

• What does the Red Priestess see when she looks at Brienne?

• Is there a way to mobilize the Hill Tribes (Hill Tribes: Stone Crows (Shagga), Burned Men (Timett), Black Ears (Chella), Moon Brothers and Painted Dogs into Jon Snow’s growing Army or would they support the Lannisters and Tyrells?

• Is Brienne going to kill Ser Davos and the Red Priestess in the future?

• Will the Tyrell forces arrive in time to stop Margaery’s walk of atonement?

• What if the Slave Owners of Astapor, Yunkai and Volantis didn’t fund the Sons of the Harpy? What if Vala was lying to Varys all along?

• What if the real funding source of the Sons of the Harpy was someone in Meereen?

* Does Jon believe in the power of the Red Priestess? Will he trust in her prophesies and allow her to move forward with him.

* Does Jon have the will to be a leader still or is he just done with everything? (He did push away Edd’s comments about abandoning the Night’s Watch and the threat from the North.)

I think Dany’s incendiary plans over the Khals put her as the winner of this week’s Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones: Direwolf Update (S6E3)

This is a living document to run up through Season 6. Please let me know of any corrections or additions and I will update this information.

Stark Child: Direwolf Name; Direwolves Status; Location

Arya Stark: Nymeria; Alive; Somewhere in Riverlands
Bran Stark: Summer; Alive; North of the Wall (Now with Bran and company killing Wights.)
Jon Snow: Ghost; Alive; Castle Black
Rickon Stark: Shaggydog; Deceased; Winterfell (by House Umber)
Robb Stark: Grey Wind; Deceased (by Lannister sympathizers)
Sansa Stark: Lady; Deceased (by Ned Stark)

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Game of Thrones: War of Five Kings (S6E3)

This is a living document to run up through Season 6. Wikias have way too much information and can spoil things and I wanted to reference (as I watch) a concise form and came up with this. There is lots of stuff missing (characters and places.) Please let me know of any corrections or additions and I will update this information. From here forward, I will save a version of this after each episode. Unfortunately I don’t have time to go backwards and do this for every episode prior.

War of Five Kings

Territory House King Status

#1. King of The North: Speculation: Could end up being Ramsay Bolton, Baelish or even Jon Snow (if he decides to give up his quest for King of Westeros.)

#2. King of the Iron Throne: Baratheon of King’s Landing (Lannister); Tommen Baratheon; Alive
(Territories include The North and The Riverlands.) Tommen appears to be wiser than Joffrey. He is being mentored and manipulated by Cersei. I look at this as the Crown (still) being run by Cersei House Lannister. However, there is a struggle with House Tyrell since Margaery is the Queen now.

#3. King in the Narrow Sea: Baratheon of Dragonstone; Stannis Baratheon; Executed (presumed by Brienne of Tarth)

#4. King in High Garden: Baratheon of Storm’s End; Renly Baratheon; Killed (by a Stannis smoke monster)

#5. King of the Iron Islands: Greyjoy; Balon Greyjoy; Killed (by Euron Greyjoy at the Pyke.)

Major Events:

* Stannis was in charge of a Navy that defeated the Greatjoy Fleet a number of years before the War of the Five Kings so there has been bad blood between the Greyjoys and Stannis in the past. (S1E7.)

* Battle of the Blackwater: Lannisters held back the Baratheons and Tyrion has the scars to prove it.

* Stannis killed Renly using dark magic: Most of his followers at Storm’s End sided with Stannis.

* Red Wedding: Lannisters used the Freys and Boltons to kill Robb Stark (S3E9.)

* Purple Wedding: Joffrey is poisoned after his wedding to Margaery Tyrell at his wedding reception (S4E2.)

* Stannis is defeated by Ramsay Bolton in the Battle for Winterfell (S5E10)

* Lord Bolton is killed by Ramsay Bolton (S6E2)

* Balon is killed by Euron Greyjoy (S6E2)

Speculative Anticipated Upcoming Events:

* Sansa could end up the bride of another house other than Bolton which could challenge who has control over the North

* Ramsay may eventually declare himself King of The North (if they chose to Challenge the rule of The Crownlands.)

* Attack on Winterfell (and the rest of the North) by Jon Snow with some of the Wildlings (potentially with the help of Little Finger and the troops at the Eyrie.)

* Attack on Winterfell by the Lannisters because they may think Roose Bolton was responsible for King Joffrey’s death; the motive being framing Tyrion so Ramsay could marry Sansa to secure the North.

* Attack on the Wall by the White Walkers and Wights

* Attack on Westeros by House Targaryen:
(Not Yet.) Danaerys currently has:

8,000 Unsullied Troops
2,000 Second Sons Troops
Small # of Dothraki Troops or followers
Unknown # of freed Yunkai Troops or followers
3 Dragons
The City of Meereen
She defeated Astapor, Yunkai (which she may need to reconquer through Tyrion; not sure if we should count Quarth.)

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Do the rituals of religion help generate the Magic in Game of Thrones?

Each religion within Game of Thrones appears to have different magic associated with them and the rituals play a part in bringing about that magic.

Faceless Men:

The ritual of sipping the same water given to dying Pilgrims that offer their lives up to the Faceless God cause followers of the faceless men to become faceless men. In S6E3, a blind Arya Stark becomes no one once she sips the water. She regains her sight because she is no longer Arya Stark. She has been transformed into a being with the ability to change its appearance.

The Old Gods of the First Men/Northerners/Children of the Forest:
Folks are born with warging and green sight abilities. This is after thousands of years of worship and rituals that the first men and Children of the Forest engaged in so often it changed them physically.


White Walkers:

The ritual of sacrificing male babies to the White Walkers by Craster or other Wildlings generates the White Walkers themselves:

The White Walkers themselves are seen as Gods in this world.


Lord of Light/Valyrian Gods:

If you believe in the Lord of Light or Valyerian gods and you’re a priest or priestess you can invoke your own ritual to bring someone back from the dead:


Dothraki/Valyrian Gods:

If you believe in the great stallion in the sky and/or Valyerian gods and you invoke their rituals and you were born Targaryen you can spawn Dragons:


What do you think?