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Welcome to the GOT Fluids? Podcast site!

This is podcaster Fluids welcoming you all to a Game Of Thrones Podcast:



You might recognize my voice as a recent contributor to A Pod of Casts: Game of Thrones Podcast hosted by Roberto Suarez and Robin Pierson. I will be back this coming year and look forward to commenting in 2015 and to see what they have to say.


You can find A Pod of Casts podcasts at website or at


My blog site will also feature a web page for podcasts of the Walking Dead, so you may want to check those out as they are released over the summer.


This specific series of podcasts are for the Game of Thrones TV Show only, so there will be no spoilers from the books. This is just assessing what will happen based on what we have all seen on the TV show.


In general, all of the podcasts I will be producing will have follow up discussion podcasts (if there’s enough feedback from you all then those will happen.)

If there’s not enough feedback to fill out a podcast discussion then the discussion will just be left in writing on the blog.


I find the feedback podcasts to be very satisfying and enjoy hearing what you all have to say so please feel free to post your comments at or you can email them to me at